Writer, reporter, musician, and social commentator. Always looking to connect with people who have ideas and drive.

Currently, I run the Lexington Minuteman Newspaper, and it’s website lexington.wickedlocal.com. I began writing for The Minuteman in June of 2015, and have loved it ever since.

I also currently freelance for The Rainbow Times of Massachusetts, an LGBTQ publication. This experience has offered me work which is eye-opening, impactful, and exciting. Give them a look here, they’re very good people.

Aside from that, I keep busy slinging pizzas part time at UnchArted Gallery in Lowell, Massachusetts. One thing to know about me is I seriously, seriously love pizza.

I also teach guitar on the side, a personal passion of mine.

Another thing, as if I didn’t have enough to do, I like being on television. I am the news anchor for Lowell’s public access television company, Lowell Telecommunications Corporation, for their program LTC News, among other things. Click here for a couple of clips!

I am always looking for more opportunities to expand my skills and spread my byline. If you are a publisher, please contact me at alex.gentile422@gmail.com. If you just want to say hi, do the same or leave a comment on one of my posts (I’ll allow almost anything, being a writer means taking criticism in stride, right?).

Well that’s enough about me. Take a look around at my blog or my portfolio to see even more of me! See you there!