I just got off the phone with Globe Spotlight reporter Sacha Pfeiffer. The voice I’ve heard on radio for WBUR’s All Things Considered was coming through the speakers on my phone. I had the chance to interview Pfeiffer for a talk she is giving in Lexington, the town I cover. She is speaking, among other things, about […]

So many ideas

My father was always the budding entrepreneur. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, he ran his own artist management business, booking clubs with musical entertainment around the Boston area. From there, he became a salesman at a regular-guy job, but the particular ping of entrepreneurial spirit never left him. He went on to try and revive […]

Mondays, and how to cope

Today is Monday, the beginning of most work weeks throughout the globe. It’s what we all look forward to on Sunday (begrudgingly) and the way we all consider all other days at least marginally better. For myself, it is a day to look ahead to the rest of the week. This is the day I […]

Commit to mindfulness in 2017

Though my New Years Eve celebration included getting sick from eating too much cajun food, the moment from Dec. 31 to Jan. 1 always passes as a refreshing breeze. For some strange reason, just as there is always something “in the air” on major holidays, myself and millions of other people start seeing the world […]

Keith Ellison: a reactionary choice?

With POLITICO reporting Minnesota representative Keith Ellison garnering the endorsements of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren among others as a future chair of the Democratic National Committee, it seems another sign the Democratic Party is reeling further left from their choice of Hillary Clinton. Quickly researching Ballotpedia, it seems Ellison is incredibly left-leaning. With recent half-hearted announcements […]