Foster Resilience in Writing

As a writer, my work consists of thrusting my head into a collection of thoughts and organizing them into sentences, paragraphs, and pages. Along with the constant flow of ideas we have every second of the day, we often must find a way to maintain prolonged focus on the task at hand.  We know this […]

First day

Today marks my first day of employment at Malden Public Access Television as the Citizen Journalism coordinator. It’s never too long before I start something new, but for some reason this feels special. Those new job jitters are their own special kind of high, but meeting the volunteer journalists I am working with, and the […]

Can we afford to turn away?

I warn you, this post is a little weird, and I found inspiration in a strange place. Enjoy! Today I randomly was watching an interview with Noisey editor Kim Taylor Bennett and Kathleen Hanna, singer for Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and most recently The Julie Ruin. I think the interview is very refreshing as Hanna […]

Lexington selectmen choose preservation option for Capt. Parker Statue

Published for the Lexington Minuteman on Sept. 14. The Capt. John Parker statue and the Minuteman Monument on the Lexington Battle Green will receive a cleaning and polishing after Patriots’ Day 2017. “[The statue] protects itself like a copper roof,” said Michael Evans, a resident and metallurgist whose recommendations the Board of Selectmen adopted during […]